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Solutions for businesss success in the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco

Gendelman Strategic Consulting was founded by Ofir Gendelman, who has served for 17 years as Israel's face to the Arab world, as the Prime Minister's and Foreign Ministry's official spokesperson to the Arab world.

He was the first official ever to fill these roles in Israel's history.

In his role, he led all of Israel's PR, communications and strategic outreach campaigns to the Arab world, advised three consecutive Prime Ministers (Netanyahu. Bennett and Lapid) on diplomatic issues pertaining to the region and was interviewed on leading Arab TV channels thousands of times, making him one of the most recognizable Israelis in the Arab world. He is widely respected for his diplomatic skills, immersion in Arab culture and perfect Arabic.


Gendelman Strategic Consulting helps Israeli companies do better, quicker and easier business in the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and inshallah, when the time comes - in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman etc. We open doors in the public and private sectors, find and connect to major investors and clients, advise senior management on effective engagement and negotiations strategies and devise marketing campaigns, tailor-made to the Arab markets.

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